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T1493 BH3I-1 BH3I-1 is a Bcl-2 antagonist.
T1798 RITA RITA(NSC 652287) induced cross-links of both DNA-DNA and DNA-protein with no detectable DNA single-strand breaks. RITA, like nutlin-3, can disrupt the p53/Mdm2 interaction.
T1919 Tenovin-1 Tenovin-1 inhibits protein-deacetylating activities of SirT1 and SirT2 and protects against MDM2-mediated p53 degradation, which involves ubiquitination.
T2158 Nutlin-3 Nutlin-3 is an MDM2 antagonist. Nutlin-3 inhibits the MDM2-p53 interaction (IC50: 0.09 μM) and activates p53. Antiproliferative agent; chemotherapeutic agent; induces apoptosis in Y cells.
T2179 Triptolide Triptolide is a diterpenes trioxide, immunosuppressive agent extracted from the Chinese herb Tripterygium wilfordii.
T2243 Serdemetan Serdemetan is an orally bioavailable HDM2 antagonist with potential antineoplastic activity.
T3184 Kevetrin hydrochloride Kevetrin hydrochloride is a small molecule and activator of the tumor suppressor protein p53, with potential antineoplastic activity.
T3517 RO8994 RO8994 is a highly effective and specific inhibitor of spiroindolinone small-molecule MDM2, with IC50 of 20 nM (MTT proliferation assays) and 5 nM (HTRF binding assays).
T3653 MX69 MX69 is the MDM2/XIAP inhibitor, blocking the MDM2 protein-XIAP RNA interaction, leading to MDM2 degradation.
T6023 Nutlin-3a Nutlin-3a, the active enantiomer of Nutlin-3, inhibits MDM2-p53 interactions and stabilizes the p53 protein.
T6149 YH239-EE YH239-EE, the ethyl ester of YH239, is a potent p53-MDM2 antagonist and an apoptosis inducer.
T6254 Idasanutlin (RG-7388) Idasanutlin (RG-7388) is an effective and specific p53-MDM2 inhibitor (IC50: 6 nM).
T6585 MI-773 (SAR405838) MI-773 (SAR405838) is an orally available MDM2 antagonist with Ki of 0.88 nM. Phase 1.
T6610 NSC 207895 NSC 207895 suppresses MDMX with IC50 of 2.5 μM, leading to enhanced p53 stabilization/activation and DNA damage, and also regulates MDM2, an E3 ligase.
T6614 Nutlin-3b Nutlin-3b is a p53/MDM2 antagonist or inhibitor (IC50: 13.6 μM), 150-fold less potent (+)-enantiomer of Nutlin-3 as in comparison with opposite (-)-enantiomer Nutlin-3a.
T6965 RG-7112 RG7112 (RO5045337) is an orally bioavailable and selective p53-MDM2 inhibitor.
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