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产品编号 产品名称
T4S1672 Cimicidanol 3-O-alpha-L-arabinoside Reference standards.
T8521 Gnetin D Gnetin D exhibits significant in vitro anti-influenza viral activity in MDCK cells, with IC(50) values from 0.67 to 11.99 ug/mL.
T4S0280 Eleutheroside D Eleutheroside has protective effect to myocardial ischemic-reperfusion injury(IRI) in isolated rats.
TN6275 3,7,25-Trihydroxycucurbita-5,23-dien-19-al
TN5761 (3S,5S,E)-1,7-Diphenylhept-1-ene-3,5-diol (3S,5S,E)-1,7-Diphenylhept-1-ene-3,5-diol has anti-oomycete potential.
T4S1585 Dencichin Dencichine is a haemostatic agent present , it is also a reported neurotoxic agent found in Lathyrus sativus (grass pea seed).
T13053 T-​2 Toxin T- 2 Toxin is a toxic trichothecene mycotoxin produced by various Fusarium species in feedstuffs and cereal grains,( LD50 are 5.2 and 1.5 mg/kg BWa in mice and rats,respectively ).
TN6304 Apigenin 4'-O-(2'',6''-di-O-E-p-coumaroyl)glucoside
T3426 Bacoside A Bacoside A has a possible anticancer activity that could be inducing cell cycle arrest and apoptosis through Notch pathway in GBM in vitro. It exerts cytoprotective efficacy by attenuation of ROS generated through oxidative stress by an increase in the concentration of antioxidant enzymes and sustain membrane integrity which leads to restoring the damage caused by tBHP. Bacoside A can able to inhibit the progression of Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis (EAE) may be by the inhibition of inflammatory cytokines and chemokine evolved during active EAE. Bacoside A also has vasorelaxation.
T3123 Allicin Allicin exerts antioxidant, bactericidal, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory activities, it exerts an inhibitory immunomodulatory effect on intestinal epithelial cells. Allicin could significantly inhibit vascular smooth muscle cells' proliferation and migration induced by insulin, which may be related to the inhibition of the activation of ERK signal path. Allicin is beneficial in reducing blood cholesterol, triglycerides levels and systolic blood pressure in hypercholesterolemic rats, it may beneficially affect two risk factors for atherosclerosis-hyperlipidemia and hypertension.
T0742 Papaverine hydrochloride Papaverine hydrochloride can used in an effective manner in the management of renal colic pain in patients unresponsive to commonly used conventional agents. Papaverine hydrochloride has a potent inhibitory effect on the replication of viruses such as cytomegalovirus (CMV) and measles, it has an inhibitory effect on mitogenic responses.
TN2270 Tetrodotoxin Tetrodotoxin, a poison from the puffer fish, at very low concentrations, blocks the action potential production through its selective inhibition of the sodium-carrying mechanism while keeping the potassium-carrying mechanism intact.Modulation of tetrodotoxin-resistant voltage-gated Na+ current (TTX-R INa) is a mechanism for sensitization of mammalian nociceptors.
T3S0625 Acoforestinine Acoforestinine is a natural product from Aconitum handelianum.
T8261 Ceftazidime Pentahydrate Ceftazidime pentahydrate是一种β-内酰胺类抗菌剂,对革兰氏阳性和革兰氏阴性需氧细菌有广谱活性,可静脉内或肌肉给药。它对肠杆菌科特别有效,对大多数 β-内酰胺酶具有抗水解作用。
T8072 S-Methyl-L-cysteine S-Methyl-L-cysteine 是一种催化抗氧化系统中甲硫氨酸硫氧化物还原酶 A 的作用底物,是一种天然产物,具有抗氧化、神经保护及减肥的功效。
T8150 Nudifloramide Nudifloramide 是烟酰胺-腺嘌呤二核苷酸 (NAD) 降解的一种最终产物,可显著抑制PARP-1活性。
T8267 Aspartic acid calcium Aspartic acid calcium 是一种钙和 L-Aspartic acid (L-天冬氨酸) 连接的螯合物。其中L-Aspartic acid 是一种氨基酸,是体内蛋白质的结构单元。
T8037 H-Phe-Phe-OH H-Phe-Phe-OH 是一种两分子苯丙氨酸组成的多肽,苯丙氨酸是必需氨基酸,酪氨酸的前体。
T8270 Deserpidine Deserpidine 是从Rauwolfia canescens的根中分离的生物碱。Deserpidine与 Reserpine 相关。Deserpidine是竞争性血管紧张素转化酶抑制剂,可以被用作抗高血压药以及镇定剂。Deserpidine还减少了肾上腺皮质血管紧张素 II 诱导的醛固酮分泌。
T8272 Trierucin Trierucin 是一种从种子油中提取的三芥酸甘油三酯。